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EBA 2019 Work Programme

The work programme package describes and summarises the main objectives, priorities and deliverables of the EBA in the forthcoming years. It is based on the tasks specified in the Regulation and in the relevant EU banking sector legislation.

Highlights of the EBA's tasks in 2019

The EBA's work for 2019 is defined under five strategic areas and 37 activities. The programme includes a description of the Authority's objectives for 2019, expected results and main outputs.

Five strategic areas for 2019:

  1. Lead the Basel III implementation in the EU
  2. Understand risks and opportunities arising from financial innovation
  3. Collect, disseminate and analyse banking data
  4. Ensure a smooth relocation of the EBA to Paris
  5. Foster the increase of the loss-absorbing capacity of the EU banking system

Four horizontal priorities for policy work

  • Further efforts in implementing the proportionality principle
  • Strengthen supervisory convergence and integrity of the Single Rulebook
  • Enhance consumer protection
  • Prepare for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU