Aggregate statistical data

This section provides the EU aggregate overview on aggregate statistical data at a single electronic location pursuant to the Article 143(2) of the Directive 2013/36/EU and to the Article 57(3) of the Directive (EU) 2019/2034.  

In this context, aggregate statistical data presents the key aspects of the implementation of prudential framework from each EU competent authority. The disclosure provided includes consolidated data on financial sector, credit risk, operational risk, market risk, and supervisory actions and measures for institutions and data on individual basis on size of investment firms, own finds requirements, market risk and supervisory actions for investment firms per competent authority.

Legal framework

Under Article 143 of the Directive 2013/36/EU and Article 57(4) of the Directive (EU) 2019/2034 on supervisory disclosure, competent authorities shall publish aggregate statistical data on key aspects of the implementation of the prudential framework.


The methodology applied reflects how supervision is carried by competent authorities.  

Exercise under CRD: A consolidated approach is applied to fill all parts of Annex 4 of the ITS on Supervisory Disclosure on aggregate statistical data. In this regard, as of end 2015, ECB will publish information for the Significant Institutions under their Supervision while Competent Authorities of the Eurozone will publish data related to Less Significant Institutions in their jurisdiction.

Exercise under IFD: The aggregated data have been reported on an individual basis.