Staff Papers

Our Staff Paper Series (SPS) provide a platform for EBA staff to disseminate research and thematic analyses to a wider public. They include selected studies on financial regulation, supervisory policy and legal issues of general interest with the aim of stimulating discussion and public debate.

Date Number Publication
July 2019 DZ-AH-19-002-EN-N Are stress tests beauty contests? - Mario Quagliariello
26 March 2019 DZ-AH-19-001-EN-N EU banks journey towards an enhanced capital framework - Alessandra Melis, Katrin Weissenberg
21 June 2018 DZ-AH-18-002-EN-N Identification of EU bank business models - Marina Cernov, Teresa Urbano 
21 June 2018 DZ-AH-18-001-EN-N Sharing the Pain Credit Supply & Real Effects of Bank Bail-ins - Thorsten Beck, Samuel Da-Rocha-Lopes, André Silva 

Other Papers

Date Publication
04 September 2017 Harmonisation and standardisation of synthetic securitisations - Christian Moor and Massimiliano Rimarchi
05 July 2017  Completing the Repair of the EU Banking Sector - A Critical Review of an EU Asset Management Company, Andrea Enria, Piers Haben and Mario Quagliariello
20 February 2017 Why the EU needs an asset management company, Piers Haben, Mario Quagliariello 
08 July 2016

Sovereign Risk: black swans and white elephants, Andrea Enria, Adam Farkas and Lars Jul Overby