Language Training and Testing EBA/2019/27/HRU/SER/OP
Cleaning Services for EBA Office Space EBA/2019/02/CSU/SER/OP
Property advisory services EBA/2018/15/CSU/SER/OP
Catering services and supplies EBA/2018/12/CSU/SER/OP
Office Removal Services for EBA EBA/2019/01/CSU/SER/OP
Removal services for the EBA EBA/2018/09/CSU/SER/OP
Office fit out: design and project management services EBA/2018/08/CSU/SER/OP
Catering Services and Supplies EBA/2018/02/CSU/SER/OP
Rental of office space EBA/2018/05/CSU/SER/NP
Supply of interim workers for general administration EBA/2016/10/OPS/OP/SER
Website Services for the European Banking Authority EBA/2016/02/COMM/SER/OP
Travel Management Services for the European Supervisory Authorities EBA/2016/01/OPS/SER/OP
Catering Services and Supplies EBA/2015/08/OPS/SER/OP
Proofreading and Editing Services EBA/2015/07/COMM/SER/OP
Supply of Interim Staff - Business Analysts EBA/2015/05/OVSREG/SER/OP
Supply of Interim Staff for IT (Lot 1) and Interim Staff - Business Analysts (Lot 2) EBA/2014/06/OPS/SER/RT (Lot 1) and EBA/2014/07/OVSREG/SER/RT (Lot 2)