Reporting framework 2.5

EBA reporting framework v2.5 applies to submissions of data with reporting reference dates between 31/12/2016 and 31/05/2017. 

The main changes compared to the previous version of the EBA reporting framework relate to the following:

  • Changes to existing reporting requirements as specified in the ITS on supervisory reporting published in 03/2016.

The technical documents available for download include the following:

  1. Consolidated version of the reporting requirements (Unofficial text and meant purely as a documentation tool – legal acts are published in the Official Journal of the European Union)
    1. ITS on supervisory reporting [ZIP, 7622 KB]
      1. ​Reporting templates in other EU languages [ZIP, 6937 KB]
    2. GL on funding plans [ZIP, 440 KB]
    3. ITS on supervisory benchmarking of internal models [ZIP, 3358 KB]
  2. Validation rules (Updated on 10 September 2019) [XLSX,4.2 MB]
  3. DPM v2.5.0.1
    1. DPM database (Updated 04 May 2016) [ZIP, 43676 KB]
    2. DPM dictionary  [XLS, 675 KB]
    3. DPM table layout and data point categorisation (updated 3 March 2017) [ZIP, 14300 KB]
    4. Changes compared to previous version [ZIP, 4760 KB]
  4. EBA XBRL v2.5.0.1
    1. XBRL taxonomy files and supporting documentation (Updated 11 May 2016) [ZIP, 80359 KB]
    2. EBA XBRL filing rules [PDF, 941 KB]