Transparency and Pillar 3

This page presents the activities undertaken by the EBA to promote transparency of financial institutions. According to its mandate, the EBA shall contribute to the integrity, transparency, efficiency and orderly functioning of financial markets. Disclosing to the markets an adequate picture of financial institutions' risks is key to ensuring their proper functioning as well as to building trust between market participants and the efficiency of market discipline. The EBA has been active in improving the adequacy, relevancy and comparability of disclosures, with yearly assessments, where best disclosures practices are identified, and with the promotion of principles for disclosures in time of stress. The efforts of the EBA have recently focused on Basel Pillar 3 disclosures requirements, which have been introduced into EU law through Annex XII of the CRD. The EBA has also been active in other types of disclosures linked to financial instruments, such as IFRS 7, and to other exercises such as the stress-test. The EBA will continue to develop its transparency activities to monitor the evolution of risks.

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