Policy Expert (RES PE TA AD 6 RL)

Publication date: 08/02/2018 | Deadline: 15/03/2018 (noon London time) | Status of selection:

The role's main responsibilities include:
  • Contributing to the development of effective resolution planning and convergence of resolution practices and to the practical implementation of the single rulebook in specific resolution matters;
  • Contributing to the effective functioning and monitoring of resolution colleges, including participation in colleges of individual banking groups;
  • Contributing to the development of policies and to the convergence of practices in the efficient functioning of DGSs;
  • Participating to the development of technical standards, guidelines, and implementation reports related to the resolution of financial institutions;
  • Preparing briefings for EBA representation at meetings with external policy makers, EU political institutions and regulatory bodies;
  • Providing support to the EBA's internal committees and subgroups, and to their chairpersons;
  • Contributing to the EBA's other resolution-related activities, including training on specific resolution matters to staff of resolution authorities.