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Banco de España

Structural representation of taxonomy changes: Respondents are asked to consider if these arrangements will in fact provide them with any benefits, or if they believe an alternative possible implementation would generally be more beneficial.
Tables utilising new layout features: Since both of these are features that happened not to have appeared in the previous version of the taxonomy (although they are within the ambit of the table linkbase specification) respondents are asked to consider if these layout features will cause them implementation problems.
Taxonomy file version tags: Respondents’ views are sought on the relative value of each approach, or any reasonable alternative.
Introduction approach: Respondents’ opinions are sought on any practical considerations as to the date of transition to remittance under the 2.1 sub taxonomies.
General comments:
Either COREP 2.0 or COREP 2.1, “Z axis” has been designed as open under the domain eba_GA5 for countries, and eba_CU3 for currencies.

It would be convenient to develop this axis, as it is already done in tables C.21.00 or C.18.00, specifying what countries or currencies could be realeased.

Due to in ITS there is no mention about possible countries or currencies that could be realeased, developing this axis, closing all possible options would facilitate reporting and further control.

Changes would affect both version of taxonomy (Tables C.09.01, C.09.02, C.09.03 y C.15.00).
Contact name
Pilar de Pablo Blasco