IT Reporting Expert (OPER IT TA 01/2019)

Publication date: 20/02/2019 | Deadline: 19/03/2019 (noon Paris time) | Status of selection:

The European Banking Authority is seeking suitable candidates for the position of an IT Reporting Expert to support the evolution of the EBA reporting framework, and to support the development and maintenance of solutions for the exploration of banking data.

In particular, the IT Reporting Expert will contribute to the evolution of the EBA data dictionary (DPM) and be responsible for the creation of new EBA taxonomies, as well as collaborate in the design and implementation of BI and data analytics solutions, and be responsible for its maintenance and user support. This includes selecting, blueprinting and gathering requirements, designing and rolling out solutions to end users. The IT Reporting Expert will also be responsible for ensuring high levels of availability through support functions and in-depth testing.