Executive Director (EBA TA 05/2019)

Publication date: 03/10/2019 | Deadline: 02/11/2019 AT 12:00 NOON PARIS TIME | Status of selection:

The Executive Director will be responsible for the day-to-day management of EBA. He/she shall responsible for the tasks laid down in section IV of the regulation establishing the EBA, in particular:
  • The management of the Authority and preparing the work of the Management Board;
  • Implementing the annual work programme of the Authority under the guidance of the Board of Supervisors and under the control of the Management Board;
  • Taking the necessary measures, notably the adoption of internal administrative instructions and the publication of notices, to ensure the functioning of the Authority, in accordance with this Regulation;
  • Preparing a multi-annual work programme;
  • Preparing, each year, a work programme for the following year;
  • Drawing up a preliminary draft budget of the Authority and implementing the budget of the Authority, in full compliance with EU financial regulations;
  • Preparing each year, a draft annual report with a section on the regulatory and supervisory activities of the Authority and a section on financial and administrative matters;
  • Exercising in respect to the Authority's staff the powers laid down in the Regulation and managing staff matters.