Consultation on data point model related to Implementing Technical Standards on supervisory reporting

28 May 2012

The EBA published today a draft Data Point Model (DPM) based on its draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting requirements for institutions (Consultation papers CP 50 published on 20 December 2011 and CP 51 published on 13 February 2012). Interest parties are invited to provide comments on the DPM by 11 June 2012.

In order to assist a uniform implementation of the ITS on supervisory reporting requirements for institutions, the data items included in CP 50 and CP 51 have been translated into a DPM. The DPM is a structured representation of the data, identifying all the business concepts and its relations, as well as validation rules. It contains all the relevant technical specifications necessary for developing an IT reporting solution.

The EBA has developed these draft ITS and the DPM based on the proposed legislative texts for the CRR (as published by the European Commission in July 2011). When finalising the draft ITS, the DPM will be adapted to reflect the final CRR text as well as the feedback received via CP 50 and CP 51.

The final ITS documentation (including the DPM) is planned to be published in July 2012. Please note that the publication depends on the prior finalization of CRD IV/CRR package which provides the legal basis and mandate for the EBA to develop ITS on supervisory reporting.

Invitation to provide comments

EBA invites comments on the attached documentation of the DPM, and in particular on what regards the semantic content of the DPM, i.e. the proposed categorisation of the data points/template cells, which should adequately and unequivocally reflect the meaning of the business concepts found on the underlying regulations and templates.

Please send your comments to the EBA by e-mail to by 11.06.2012, indicating the reference ‘DPM' on the subject field.


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